100 Greatest Internet Videos In 4 Minutes

This is an excellent video compiled by Clippomania of YouTube. It contains 100 clips of some of the greatest videos found on YouTube and shows them all in less than 4 minutes… 3 minutes and 20 seconds to be exact. Pretty crazy stuff. It showed me many of the videos that I remember, but also introduced me to new ones. Some of them are about terrible spills, awesome landings, funny videos, people being frightened, people freaking out, etc…

Clippomania also features a lot of other videos that are similar in nature. They are YouTube’s “Greatest Hits” video compiler. The most current video is called, “GREATEST HITS OF YOUTUBE 2011 REMIX” and I’m sure you already know what that one is about. It’s a lot of fun to watch these videos, but beware it can suck you in and take up all your time, but most importantly, get rid of your boredom :) I guarantee that you will love this video. If not, you should create a video response to this video telling the creator how lame it was…which, now that I think of it might not be a bad idea. If the response is good enough, you might just get a few people to watch it. The video, “100 Greatest Internet Videos In 4 Minutes” has over 8.5 million views and counting. Check it out!

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