11 Months, 3000 pictures and a lot of coffee

11 months is quite a hefty amount of time. A lot can be done in that time just as a lot more can happen. How we use up our time is partially on us and also on people who we depend on and who depend on us. So when we draw a line, we’re usually left with a little bit of time when it comes to things we actually like to spend our time on, like hobbies and thing we enjoy doing. So those 11 months don’t really seem all that much when you just look at it like that. But it doesn’t matter, it matters how you spend that extra time you’re left with and so people decide to make their own projects to occupy themselves with. In the following video we shall see a time lapse of 3000 pictures that were taken over the period of 11 months and show us every detain when it comes to taking apart an engine, cleaning it and also putting it back together again. It’s rather mesmerizing to see how it all falls apart and then comes back together again.

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