14 species cloning could bring back

The first time we were presented with the idea and realization of cloning, out minds were quite blown. Well, I was pretty impressed at least. When they managed to artificially make another sheep from the real one, I was thinking to myself: “Alright, this is it then. This is when the cloning fun starts and everything will be different from the way we know it!” I was a bit wrong with that thought, since nothing in particular changed that would effect out lives too much. Not to my awareness at least. But the idea still remains. I’m sure that eventually they’ll be able to make such progress that cloning certain parts or organs would be possible and done on a regular basis, but until then we’re just stuck with ideas and possibilities that are yet to be tempered with.
Next video is a nice example of that, even though it’s more of a comedic thing than factual one, it’s still nice to see what we’re yet to discover.


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