1940s gym machines for women

Mmmm, good old days which I don’t even remember and probably many of you who’re reading this don’t either. Most likely due to the fact that we were born way after the 40’s were around. Even our parents might not have been alive back then. I don’t know much about the 40’s myself. I guess it must’ve been pretty difficult with that annoyance such as wars and such, but I guess not everyone had it that bad (just most of them.)
Regardless of everything, women were still in need to remain in good physical shape. And like most women today, they of course go to the fitness facilities to work those curves the way they are suppose to. And by the looks of it, contraptions is the proper term to describe the machines which were used to help them remain in shape, as the video bellow shows. Someone must’ve had a lot of imagination to put those together without maiming someone in the process.

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