1950’s comedy by Larry Griswold

Again we go back into the past and check though the different achieves to see what they have to offer. This time it’s a comedy clip from the Frank Sinatra live show, performed by Larry Griswold. Supposedly he is also the co-inventor of the trampoline so his displayed act is really quite a suitable approach to present people with the invention. Everything he does is so smooth and well performed. Not to mention unexpected as he twists and turns around that ladder like he’s almost a snake. Now I’m not sure whether people know what it was about or not, but judging by the fact the trampoline wasn’t that wide spread and known, some must’ve had their breaths taken away once the nimble man finally leaped off the jumping board and sprung into air upon landing down in the imaginary pool of water. I’m not really the best person to ask, but I think such performances are hard to come by these days.


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