2 year old William Stokkbroe dancing the jive

2 year old William Stokkbroe dances the jive after watching his parents, who are dancers, dance. This kid has all the right moves. It’s funny watching such a little kid run around and pull some moves that you mostly see adults do. He dances all around the dance floor and people are all gathered around him in a circle and he just goes to it, dancing like crazy to Elvis’ Jailhouse Rock. William seems to have no fear when it comes to being in front of people and performing. I hope his parents keep encouraging him to do something with that, whether it be dancing, acting, or something else that allows him to perform. I have never danced the Jive, but after watching the video, it makes me want to get up and dance. Can you imagine, Superman dancing the Jive? LOL! Anyway, check out the video of 2 year old William Stokkbroe dancing the Jive. It will bring a smile to your face.

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