30 second video by Brandon Hardesty

Face it, thirty seconds isn’t a whole lot, that’s a given. Even though not many things can happen to one person in whole 30 seconds but there are still plenty of things that can. Some baring more impact than others, but still. Many things just take a moment and change lives and situations for good. For example it takes a moment to say “I do” at a wedding and become a husband or wife, it takes under 30 seconds from a dentist drilling your tooth, making you feel uncomfortable to filling that tooth up and making the annoying pain go away. Just as your wife can give birth to a nice baby in 30 seconds so can someone end up in a ditch with his car in the same time. But that’s far from being the point here, I just wanted to make a point that even though 30 seconds don’t seem long, a lot can happen still.
Just like in the following video which was made because the attention span on a video of the average individual on the web is whopping 30 seconds so you should get your best in during that time!

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