32 and Pregnant

We all know that MTV has this fun, interesting and up most educational show you can find on television. The show I’m talking about is called 16 and pregnant. At least I think it’s called like that. See, I don’t even know the exact name, it’s that interesting and informative. As the name suggests, show is about young moms who got their babies a bit early in their lives. Well, I guess they did, and they didn’t just borrow them from someone else who happened to be crazy enough to lend their babies to some spoiled women to be filmed for the show. Maybe it’s not like that and I’m overreacting a little bit. The thing is, these shows are really popular and I’m a bit worried about just how many people watch it and take it seriously. Then again, it’s not my place to worry about these things, it’s just a little bit sad, that’s all.
Anyway, here’s a nice parody on that show. It captures the absurdity nicely.

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