40 pound Barracuda fish jumps into the fishing boat

I presume people take fishing as kind of a sport or activity or just a simple hobby. There’re lots of ways you can fish and you don’t have to be all the good at it to catch something. I’m not into any of it honestly, but I have given in a try when I went for some fly fishing. During that period I didn’t experience anything spectacular by far and didn’t really bother with it anymore after that. I do see the appeal that some people get. When you’ve had a long week at work and you just wait to get that boat out to the lake, sit in it and dip that pole into the water. Being surrounded by peace then must really be liberating and it’s nice for people to have such moments for themselves.
Then again, there are also fishing adventures that happen to professional fishermen at sea. One of them happened to these two guys in the following video who were about to catch a barracuda but then the fish decided to give them a little hand.


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