5 Year Old Girl Picks A Master Lock in Under A Minute

You got to admit, that kids can be pretty smart if they want. Some more than others, depending on how fast they’re growing up and evolving. They do pick up a lot of things during the time they spend in kindergarten. Such as coloring, behaving around other kids, manners and all the good things they teach nowadays. Of course it matters as well what the parents teach their kids at home. There’re plenty of useful things you can teach your kids when they’re at a young age so you don’t have to later on. By the looks of it, lock picking seems to be one of those traits. At least judging by this 5 years old girl who knows how to handle those picking tools like a professional. I’m not sure how those things work and I have tried them myself a couple of times, but never seem to be able to do it. She was taught well and I think she won’t be grounded many times due to being able to open locks from now on!

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