60 seconds of beautiful moments

Life is full of beautiful moments that happen more or less frequently. The problem with those moments is that they’re usually either to short or we’re too busy to notices them. Even if we do notice them, there are still possible distractions that make us overlook those moments and almost not even realize they were there. Luckily there are so many means of capturing those moments nowadays, since pretty much everything that runs on power almost has a camera inside. It is then, when we look at those photos or videos after a while, that we realize and remember the fine moments once more. Memory has a good way of storing mostly good stuff in long term and we don’t really keep the photos that make us sad to trigger those memories.
In the following video there’s a 60 second clips in which each second is devoted to one happy memory from someone else. Be it fun at the beach, birth or a picture of someone special.

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