A Brief History of Video Games

I keep stumbling upon these fresh videos that are devoted to video games and their history. I can’t really blame the people who make these dedications as E3 happened not long ago and the things I’ve seen at those conferences didn’t really make  me a happy camper. That’s why these videos make an even better statement as they present the time when gaming was good and fun. Or at least a lot more than today. Or maybe that’s because I’ve grown up and just don’t get bothered to enjoy video games as much as I used to. Can be anything really, but what I do have are nice and fond memories of the old console games for the NES. The one I have in my mind the most was good old Bubble Bobble and always get nostalgic when I hear that tune playing.
In the following video, we see a brief history of a couple of games from the early days up to today, composed in a nifty little beat. Which one was or still is your favorite?

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