A compilation of people being awesome

Internet is full of those fail videos. There was a period where they were popping up on every corner all the time. Many people were spreading them like free cheese over some crackers and I found it quite annoying. Sure it can be entertaining to see a couple of those I guess. People falling and failing in many different ways is kind of entertaining and even funny for a short time, but after seeing about 20 of those videos in 2 days where most of the people just do stupid stuff gets really tiresome. But that’s just my take on this, from what I’ve seen a lot of people are attracted to stupidity and will remember a stupid stunt longer than some awesome stunt. So it’s rather refreshing to see people do something as they intended on doing because fail is always present whether you want it or not. Besides, laughing at someone’s misfortune is a ironic since a lot of those that laugh fail at some many things they’re not even aware of. Delicious irony!



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