A few things that make you a 90s kid

It’s sort of a mindset many people are in, which make their mind go “that was 10 years ago” when someone mentions the 90s to them. That would most certainly be lovely, but we are currently in 2012 and if my math doesn’t give me too much of an issue, 90s ended 12 years ago and began 22 years ago. So about 17 years ago we were still in the middle of the 90s and those who were kids then might not even remember it all that much on its own but once presented with some 90s fact then the memory is poked a bit and starts to work. For me, music is the one that makes me remember the 90s and sends a nice chill over my body when I hear some 90s dance sounds which were popular around the radio back then. I always think that music was better than what we have today, but I’m sure the kids born in 00 (2000) will say the same for the music that is being played today. Oh yeah, also sitcoms and TV shows, those were something too. “Now this is a story..”


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