A little different kind of a passenger

Animal pet owners will be right at home with this video that follows this post, I’m quite certain. For that short period of being a pet owner myself, I remember having events considering transportation all the time. It was not a pleasant thing for anyone, since when we wanted to departure somewhere and put his fuzzy rear in the car, the party began. I’ve tried a lot of tricks to make it work the easy way, so that he’d just hop in the back of the car, lay down and be a nice puppy for the rest of the trip. Eventually we managed to get him inside the car and lay him down, probably because we was as tired as we were and didn’t have the will to protest at all.
A man in the following video seems to know how to handle these things a bit better as his companion just nicely sits next to him and all she demands is to be held by her paw. Adorable!


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