A man who can swim with a polar bear

According to the commentary in the video this post carries, many people enjoy having a swim in the morning, as in the first thing they do. I’m not sure how many people that may be, but I don’t think that many people have a pool in their yard, yet alone crave a morning swimming session it in when it’s cold outside. But to each their own I say. Many people also bring all kinds of accessories to the pool, such as beach balls, floaty thingies around the waist and rubber duckies. Got to have those. If people swim in the sea, some might even take their pets along to have a fun time.
Guy in our case has a different kind of companion to swim with. Everyone can have a dog, but how many do you know that have a polar bear for such occasions. None? I thought so. I don’t really know exactly whether it’s scary or adorable, watching these two ‘play’ together, but for man’s sake, that beast better be fed very well.

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