A quiet square in Belgium is about to GET A DRAMATIC SURPRISE

I’ve been to Belgium once and had a few hours to kill before I met with a guy I was supposed to meet. So I decided to wander around a bit, although I wasn’t comfortable just going anywhere since I had no idea where I was going. I made a few circles around the streets and sit at a café or two until then. It was pretty calm. People were walking about, minding their own business and everything was nice and peaceful. Even later in the evening not much was happening, except more people that time.
That’s why I understand what this commercial was trying to achieve, see for yourself:

I think this is brilliant work. It has everything, suspense, action, drama, conclusion. Everything that little button promises. It’s great to see people’s reactions, whether they’re acted or not, they work. The ‘act’ itself it also executed really well and you got to love it. That’s how you promote something!


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