African men as hollywood stereotypes

I think we have always been surrounded by stereotypes. So much in fact that we’ve been brought up and taught about them, witnessing them happen all the time to everyone who’s in minority at the moment. Unfortunately many of those stereotypes are negative or at least sound negative even though they might not be meant as such. There’re quite a few different type of it as well if I can call it like that. For instance white people will tell stereotypes about African American people, Hispanics and so forth. Same would happen to white people if they were the minority in their area. And these things do happen, very often with a bad outcome many times. Even if everything fails, people make stereotypes amongst the same group they’re in and simply judge people by what they wear, listen to and do. These things aren’t fun anymore since they do cause bad feelings.
This video below is actually a nice take on a tiny bit of these things and shows it pretty bluntly to what we’re exposed and what is the actual reality.


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