6 Of The Fast & Furious Movies – Just The Gear Shifting

Did you ever watch a movie where your eye catches something that’s whether out of place or tends to repeat itself too much without even knowing? Depends on the movie that you watch I guess. If it’s one of those movies where you have to activate a couple of brain cells while watching, that usually occupies the mind enough. On the other hand, those easy to watch movies that just show you scenes of nothing important, your mind tends to occupy itself. That happens even easier if you’re rewatching the same movie and you pay attention to other stuff rather than the main story, since you already know that one. I myself like to look for things you weren’t meant to see yet are still there. A quick here and there perhaps, to pass the time.
You can also apparently make a montage out of things that repeat themselves in a way. This idea seems pretty interesting and I like how it turns out in the end. In the example of Fast and Furious franchise, here are all the evident gear shifts from all the movies.


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  1. For the second time, I agree with you. Why I do not think about that.

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