Amazing hula hoop dance to Goldfish

I remember my physical exercise classes in the primary school where got one class per week to do anything we wanted. Boys usually went to grab some basket balls and played with those while girls always seemed to have grabbed on to those plastic hoops. There weren’t enough of those for all of them and I remember them arguing who’s getting one this time around and such nonsense. I didn’t know then what the appeal of those is, since all they did with them was roll them around their waist for an hour and that was about it. It was kind of funny to see those more chubby ones do it since they were actually pretty good at it too, but I didn’t know what else can be done with those.
Now this next video shows a good example of how a simple plastic hoop can be used to do a pretty neat act to some nice music. I’m not taking those hoops for granted anymore!


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