Amor imposible or love that wasn’t meant to happen

Do you remember when was the first time you were in love? Or better yet, when was the first time you had a crush on someone. Because those are two different things. Perhaps you’ve had a crush on someone’s son or daughter of people your parents decided to visit and they let you play together and such. You probably don’t remember when those same parents watched both of you and were all melting at how adorable you look together and how happy you are. And even if you got rejected, you kept on trying as boys will be boys. If you’re a girl however, you were the one who had/has the final word and decide whether you approve of the offer or not. In any case, the following video is a good example to never give up. Yep guys, that goes to all of you out there. Seek inspiration in here and see that you can conquer anything!


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