Hyped angry birds extravaganza once again!

Birds, birds, birds, birds, oh wait there are pigs as well. Birds and pigs. In their latest installment, you find that winning combination in space. It was just a matter of time when world wouldn’t be enough and they had to conquer other planets as well. You gotta hand it to them though, for what it is, it’s a really great story of a successful product that’s nothing special on its own, but it works and is well promoted. From a simple mobile game it spread on pretty much anything that can run an operating system. If your washing machine had Linux on it, you’d probably be able to play those pesky birds on it. Okay, I’m taking it a bit far now, but case in point remains; they are popular. They are well promoted and in a few cases free (Android platforms for example.) Why am I explaining this, everyone knows what they’re on about.

Well this new edition of the mentioned bundle of fun is now in space. “Oh man, now I can shoot rockets and such!” No. “I get a new set of birds to shoot with!” No, you get a bird. “Uh…” Worry not, you’re still getting the nice gameplay that works, you’re just working in a space where gravity doesn’t just pull you down, but it plays a bigger role. I suggest trying it out yourself. It’s shooting birds, that are still angry, at pigs that are still.. well they’re just there, and you’re in space now. It’s a semi-refreshing take in the series.

Oh, they’re actually popular in actual space:

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