Apple’s 1984 spoof of ‘Ghostbusters’ goes after IBM

Rivalry is a pretty serious thing when there’s business and money involved. The more and more is evident nowadays where almost everyone is struggling to get their piece of the pie in order to stay afloat. Fair game is usually thrown out the window as well. The higher the stakes, the more aggressive the competition becomes. The form of advertisement also differs from company to company. While some advertise how good their product is by presenting their features, others tend to advertise in which way the rival’s product lacks.
This following video is a pretty neat example of how those things were done in the 80’s. Namely between IBM (blue) and Apple company. In this case Apple is showing all its got by taking a theme of very popular Ghost busters and remake it into a song that fight against the evil BLUE. How does it do that? By replacing the IBM computers with Apple computers of course. Make not of the very special effects of the 80’s video editing style. I wonder whether it was edited on a Mac or IBM machine.


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