April fools – Make sure you’re alert!

It has been exactly one year since the last April fools day. Some might remember them if they got pranked or they were the ones playing the prankster around and giving a bit of a hard time for others. In any case it’s one of those days which I think have no actual meaning and quite frankly I find them pretty dumb and without any purpose. I mean don’t we have Halloween dedicated to pulling pranks and keeping people on their toes in exchange for some delicious candy? There’re even costumes and atmosphere present on that day, everyone participates in it. This April fools thing is more of an excuse to be mean to someone for no apparent reason rather than that lame excuse I sometimes hear, saying: “Prank or be pranked!” I haven’t been a target of any major thing connected to this day, but still I don’t really indulge in the idea of having a day for doing stuff people usually do regardless.

This played film is a good example of how “funny” it can be:


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