Art of the Instakill

Playing video games online can be a fun and trilling experience. It can also be an annoying and frustrating one as well, depending on which side of the streak you are, fragging or getting fragged. Now some deaths in online gaming aren’t that bad, it happens and it’s part of a game. It does get really frustrating when that doesn’t change. To make matters worse, your skill drops significantly in that state and every little bit pushes you closer towards the rage. Some players enjoy adding a bit of an insult to injury and start performing those instakill moves from up close and then taunt you for it. When controllers start flying around the room, it’s time to leave the game be for a while as matters will only get worse.
Video below shows a nice compilation or rather a montage of some of the most memorable references that regard instakills from today’s pop culture. It’s very neatly packed into a short video and very well executed.


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