Ascending Aggies – PVAC Demonstration

Here we have another gem that’s been invented at an engineering college in Utah. This time we’re not really talking about anything too ground breaking, but it’s still something that should’ve been done a long time ago. Many probably remember the old movies or cartoons, where its characters had to climb over a wall but had nothing to hold on to? What did they do? They used a plunger or something similar to suck to the wall and then used that to climb over it. So we can’t really say this is a new idea, but the actual realisation of it took a pretty long time. I am not aware of any other such contraptions that work for real, so thing might as well be the first. It’s a noble attempt and it works too by the looks of it, it’s just the practicality that worries me a little. It certainly isn’t something you’d use to sneak under someone’s window at night, that’s for sure.

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