Ashleigh and Pudsey – Britain’s Got Talent 2012 Final – UK version

You probably remember the post from quite a bit back that showed the audition of Ashleigh and Pudsey on Britain’s got talent, right? It’s not like you can just forget these things anyway, as it really is a refreshing wind in the sea of all the people whose only talent is to sing. Badly. To be honest, there really wasn’t any doubt that they wouldn’t be able to get into the finals. Just by judging by the loudness of the audience, you can clearly hear that people loved their show. Not to mention Simon giving such high praise, as that rarely happens.
Well, now they’re back of course and they’re even more fantastic than before. Clearly people were impressed a lot since they were the ones who gave them enough votes to win the contest and claim the whopping 500.000 pound reward along with a lot of praise and fame. I say it’s well deserved and I hope they’re even more successful in the future.
And here’s the performance that took the biscuit.

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