Ashleigh and Pudsey performance on Britain’s got talent 2012

Dog owners love their dogs very much, at least the great majority. They spend a lot of time with their beloved fuzzy friends, care for them, take them for walks etc. They also teach them all sorts of tricks they can perform and then show off to the other dog owners what their dog can be better. I’ve seen that, so I know for a fact it’s happening! But anyway,  I sort of understand them as well, since teaching a dog tricks is not an easy task and I don’t really know how it works. I do know that many people struggle with teaching their dogs just to sit and lay down, as some just don’t want to learn those things at all. Then there are dogs who learn pretty much anything very quickly.
Just like in this following video from the Britain’s talent show where the dog Pudsey and his owner do a complete choreography together. It brings a smile to one’s face just by watching them.


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