Audi e-sound for their electric cars

Last few years have once again been pretty dense with the new electric cars being invented and older ones improved. Hopefully that each day we’re closer to the actual proper and useful electric powered car that would be accessible to the general public. By that I mean it will be affordable and not extremely expensive in comparison to other cars. Once that happens, things will most likely spread like wildfire, but it’ll still take some time for thing to get improved and steady. Even so, nowadays pretty much every major car company has at least one car in their arsenal that is powered purely by electricity. Audi is no exceptions. There’s just one thing though, the big oompf you hear out of a well reved V10 machine is now gone. There’s no wroom, there’s nothing really, which can be dangerous for the people around as well as they don’t hear the car. People at Audi have thought of a solution and will be implemented in their sporty models. Although, it really sounds a bit out of an 80’s movie in my opinion…


  1. Inclusion of e-sound is a great technical enhancement, which is expected to boost the appeal of Audi Electric cars among its enthusiasts all over the world.

  2. Yeah, that could happen since I think people will be able to tune their system in the way they see fit. To some degree at least. First, electirc cars have to get common, then we’ll see.

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