Awesome HD Slinky Slow-Mo

Here’s the deal. We had a couple of slow motion videos (because those are cool) and we also had a video featuring a slinky (those were cool too.) Now what would you say if I tell you that we’re going to combine the two and have a video about a slinky in slow motion? Hm? Sounds good, no? Well, there’s a bit of a catch here since it’s not our traditional sending a slinky down the stairs sort of ordeal. This time we’re looking into slinkies that seemingly float in the air when dropped from a height. Sounds rather wacky, I know, but bear with me. In the video below this funky text, you’ll see a video that actually captures floating slinkies in mid air. We also get an explanation about why does it happen the way it does and how to make it even more impressive. Okay, it’s nothing all that impressive, just a fun way physics work.

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