Backyard Waterslide of DOOM

We’re not done with sliding just yet! When we desire sliding on some slippery water slides we usually go to an aqua park or a pool or something that has these kinds of things available. Pools are usually pretty lame when it comes to slides. Even when they have a slide, they’re usually short and take more time to get up than it takes time to get down. If you want some real excitement but don’t have a nearby cliff that has some ocean underneath, you can always go to some local water park with slides that twist and turn and bend and splash you all around. If you feel really crazy and have a bit of free time extra, you can invest some time into making your back yard into sort of a water park. By making a loop water slide. I haven’t seen any of those in the water parks before, probably due to some regulations. But those don’t apply in your back yard!

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