Be careful where you park your car – Birdie commercial

Compared to a couple of decades ago, we have a lot more cars today. A few times more than lets say 30 or 40 years ago. Pretty much everyone almost has their own car and more and more are being made and popular. With more cars, more problems arise. Lets leave that pollution and such out of this for the time being because the sheer number of vehicles is slowly becoming a problem. That’s most evident when there’s an event somewhere and many people decide to go see it. Sure the organized planned it out but it just so happens there’re still quite a few more people there that weren’t expected so the parking issue becomes quite obvious. Then people get crafty and start leaving their cars where they see fit as long as it’s parked and somewhere out of the way.
These two guys in the following commercial had the same idea in their mind and I must say they were quite crafty as well for the moment. But sometimes you just can’t leave your beloved car anywhere…


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