Be careful while texting or you might run into a bear

Everyone is kind enough to constantly remind us of how dangerous texting is. Dangerous during driving that is, since you’re not paying any attention to the road and you can cause an accident really fast. That makes sense and it should really not be done during driving or operating anything that demands full attention. Apparently even walking can be considered as one of those activities, although a bit less on the dangerous side. For the most part. I guess it depends on where you’re going or where you’re walking. You never know what you might bump into, or fall into something like a hole in the road, trip over an obstacle or perhaps come across a bear that just happens to be wandering in the neighborhood. Wait, what? That’s right, this fella in the video below was not really aware of his surroundings since he was in the middle of writing a text message when suddenly he walked up to the big fuzzy surprise. I’m pretty sure this is a better lesson about texting than anyone can tell any other way.

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