Beard that refuses to get removed!

You decide to become a real manly man man and are willing to grow a nice, long and bushy beard. That’s what makes man a man, right? It’s the least you can do. It doesn’t cost anything, it doesn’t hurt at all, it itches a bit though. Basically all it takes is time and patience to let that thing grow to the desirable length. After about 2 months, you should be having a nice and thick beard you could stroke and feel manly.
So after a while you decide to get rid of it because you grew tired of it and would like to have that nice clean look on your face. You hesitate a bit since it did take some time to grew it, but you think to yourself you can always do it again when you feel like it.
Guy in this video has a different problem, beard doesn’t let itself get shaved off for good and is giving this man quite some trouble. But he was prepared to take on the battle with his beard! Who won?

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