Behind the scenes at a McDonald’s photo shoot

Do you remember the first time you visited a fast food restaurant? Or rather sitting at home, watching some television, feeling a bit on the hungry side, and then you suddenly see this brand new commercial about this gorgeous looking burger. Just look at its juicy meat, fresh salad sparkling between the buns and that glossy cheese smiling at you. That’s it. You now know what you have to do next. You sit in the car and drive out to get yourself one of those bad boys. Lady at the register kindly greets you and you point out your desire. She delivers you this neat baggy and you leave. Once you get home, you release the burger of its cage and see that this is not exactly like the one you’ve seen on the commercial. You feel a bit disappointed, but you’re still hungry and decide to eat the burger anyway, thinking “Why?”
This is why:

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