Ben Aaron NBC talks to old friends. Very old.

Friendship in life is one of those things that nobody should live without. It gives us a sense of comfort, security and all together good feelings. Of course friendship comes in many different way and forms. Everyone treats that area differently and usually only the ones who do it the same way end up being compatible as friends. We all had out childhood friends who then drifted away. Same happened in school, be it grammar or high school or college. Always surrounded by a different people we considered as friends. While some stay for a while, most of them move on. I still think that people change over time so even if the friendship is working out for the time being, no one says it’ll keep on doing so in a couple of years.
There are of course exceptions to that and some tend to be friends from a very young age and up until the time they grow old and eventually pass on. This is a fine example of such a friendship between two elderly and quite charming men.

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