Big cats playing with big Easter eggs

It’s been a week since Easter and there are still Easter themed videos popping on my screen for some reason. Looks like people had fun and enjoyed themselves so that it stayed in their good memory. This time around though, people weren’t the only ones who had a good time. Well, they did have a good time while making all those eggs and painting them, but those were not meant for just anyone. They were given to a couple of cats of the Big cat rescue. And when you think about big cats, you’re right, tigers, panthers, lions, the whole lot. Caretakers make sure their residents will have a nice Easter and delivered them with plenty of material to play with. And it really is a joy to watch them play with the small, ordinary eggs and even the bigger, air filled ones. They really tend to behave just as the ordinary house cats while playing, and is a joy to watch them!


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