Blink-182 pick up lines

For a regular and average guy is not an easy task to get himself a girlfriend. Especially when he’s the one who’s doing the searching. And it’s not hard because anything would be wrong with him or anything of such, it’s just that first approach that makes it all difficult. That first contact to break the ice and make things easier from there on out. Sometimes shyness get the best of him and makes the humble and noble attempt at saying a simple “Hi” fail. Or he gets it right and gets rejected for any particular reason. People aren’t all that happy about rejections and when that happens several times in a row without any glimpse of change, people tend to give up. Same would apply with picking up girls, as constantly feeling embarrassed is not something someone would enjoy.
On the other hand, you can always try different and almost a bit obscure approaches, like using lyrics from a song as pick up line. Check it out in the following video to see how that works.

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