BMW M5 – “Bullet” – High Performance Art

Creating art is something a lot of people strive to do. Some are better than others, sure, but most of them also have a serious passion for doing all that. And they can, because there’s so many different was you can create art that you can’t really count them all, or even think of them all. It’s great that you can express yourself in a way you see fit the most and of course not everyone like the same type of thing so diversity really is the key to win a certain amount of people over. Now what does that have to do with this post, you ask. Well, depends how you look at it, the following video can be interpreted as a form of art. A bit raw form of art, but art still. Just like those high speed videos with bullets hitting the balloon, so can that be done with a high speed video of a car doing just the same. It’s only a bit louder and looks quite a bit cooler in my opinion!

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