Boy being chased by chickens

A lot of kids usually like animals. They like all sorts of animals and like to pet them, hug them, play with them and so on. Many kids who live in the city also enjoy visiting their grandparents or maybe and aunt or uncle who own a farm. They can run around freely and have a lot of farm animals to help take care of. For the same reason there are so many zoos that have those petting places where they can pet llamas, monkeys or some other animals, I’m not sure.
Then there are people who had bad experience in their childhood regarding animals. Some could have been a bit rough with a dog and got bitten. Others might have been hurt by some larger animal. Sometimes animals can be unexpected. But we can agree that chickens are generally harmless (and tasty.) Yet even those can get a bit crazy and can chase a person that has something of their interest. Just like this poor little boy in the following video.


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