Brainstorming with Darth Vader for Disney’s Star Wars Weekends

Every has been in a situation where you had to come up with an idea for something. It doesn’t really matter what it was. Whether it was someone birthday party surprise, an idea for a present for Christmas, coming up with some plans for the weekend. All such things require ideas. While some can be tackled with on your own and you can’t really go wrong with any idea, there are others that require more people with more ideas that could be useful. Same happens when you’re in need for ideas for a weekend show on television. In that case you gather up a bunch of people who’ll be brainstorming for a while since no idea is a bad idea. Almost.
Disney decided to do the same for their new Star Wars weekends and gathered a room full of people to provide ideas. Only that in this case, Darth Vader was the one who was full of ideas, but they didn’t seem to be ideas worth taking notice. See which ideas Darth Vader came up with!


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