Bubble hotel – spending a night out in the open under the stars

Camping is quite a popular activity many people enjoy. They like being outside in the open, surrounded by trees, nature and quiet. They’re part of the sun rises and sun sets, as well as looking at the clear night skies. There’s a lot more to camping than that though, and not everyone would like to be part of the other things that come with it. The concept around this hotel though is embracing those positive characteristics of camping such as nice views, quiet and night sky watching while keeping the luxury commodities of a five star hotel. I really like the idea behind this bubble since it’s quite minimalistic and fits almost everywhere, yet it doesn’t seem to give you the feeling of being surrounded by four walls while keeping the feeling of being safe. If I had a chance, I’d give this one a try, but the price tag for such an experience might be a bit steep.


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