Capri Sun “Transformation”

We haven’t had a commercial in a while, so lets pop one of these up, shall we. I know that we’re showered by commercials each and every day from all the possible places. Turn on the TV, commercials. Radio, more commercials. Walk to the bus station, commercials on the bus, in the bus stop and everywhere. But it’s okay, we got used to them and I think it would be very weird if suddenly there were no more commercials. All the walls would either be bare or have some graffiti on it. Bad graffiti. But anyway, there are also good commercials, bad commercials and the worst commercials. Unfortunately the bad ones are the most effective and very unimaginative and often very annoying, but they achieve their purpose since they annoy you so much, you don’t forget them. Or have a very annoying, yet catchy melody. Ugh..
There are also creative commercials and one of these is a commercial for Capri Sun where I think they made the most out of an ad that promotes the new packaging.


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