Car driving on the The Wall of Death

Defying gravity is a neat concept to think about, no? When we think about it, it would really be a nice feature to master, the possibilities would be quite endless. For instance, it’d be nice to try and drive on the side of the car tunnels. I always find those things to be just made for that, like some severs undergrounds where you could drive in and do all kinds of loops in them. If I recall correctly, the good people on Top Gear managed to do that in some of the shows, so I guess that counts for something. The following video is another attempt at making it happen, except this time it’s going sideways on the cylinder shaped room called Demon Drone The wall of death (don’t quote me on this one.) From what I remember it’s a popular thing and such things are performed in India on a larger scale. This is not a small feat to perform either and it’s quite daring to say the least!


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