Car sounds made by a human – Australia’s got talent

Everyone likes to make all kinds of voices. That’s why our mouths are for anyway. And for eating of course. Okay, kissing too if you want. But the most we do with our mouths is talk, talk and talk. Some more, some less, some never want to stop talking. A level up from talking is using your mouths to sing. Again, some think they sing well, while others actually do sing well, people just have a hard time keeping those two separate. Many know how to make different noises with their mouths as well, like birds chirping, making different kinds of effect or perhaps imitating other people’s voices. Heck, some don’t even need to open their mouth and can talk through their stomach, which is kind of creepy if you ask me.
Anyway,  a contestant on the Australia’s got talent show decided to share his talent of imitating car sounds, and I must say he does an impressive job, and the judges agree.


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