Cheating in college

For some of you, school days are far in the past, for some still have a far way to go. I’m sure all of you have tried to cheat at a test or something that need to be done at least once at a certain point. The art of cheating was probably invented a very long time ago as I’m sure our parents were already practicing those methods when they were in school and things haven’t changed at all, only gotten worse and perhaps more sophisticated. About 15 years ago cell phones weren’t so popular so there still have to be those little notes with tiny print on them, holding the most important information for the test. Soon then came better phones and people began using them to have basically whole books of information on them and could find just about anything they needed to write down. So in this regard things did become a little bit easier and teachers began to fight it by doing some different kinds of assignments. Not all though.
Below is a animated video talking about a guy who was bothered by people around him cheating at a difficult test. It’s rather fun to watch and could also agree with it.


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