Chuck Norris – The Movie – 2012

The name Chuck Norris seems to be becoming sort of a legendary thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if in about 1000 years where a couple of generations will change, that his name will be mentioned as some sort of a myth. A myth about an indestructible, lawfully good man called Chuck Norris. Kids would read about him in history books and think of how cool the 2000’s was. For all I know, this is how such myths start, just like we have all sorts of gods from all over the place. They’re all almighty and such, but word had have come out of somewhere. In the case of Chuck Norris, that would probably be the year 2006 where people started talking about all these facts about him. Of course all those facts are legit, just as cancer curing pills are. The problem is, with time the facts remain while the sarcasm gets forgotten and you’re stuck with only nonsense.
But have no fear, we have a movie that’s about Chuck Norris, starring Chuck Norris and is titled, yep Chuck Norris!

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