Climbing on a 577 ft tall Russian skyscraper

Being afraid of heights is quite common nowadays. I know a lot of people who are scared by them to the point they don’t even want to stand on a short ladder anymore. I don’t really have a problem with heights myself. I have more of a problem when it comes to the idea of falling off those heights and being stopped rapidly by the hard ground below. That’s what scares me most. Kind of like driving fast is not that much of a problem until you get to an unexpected and immediate stop. Speed doesn’t hurt you, the stop does. Anyway, following is the video of a pretty gutsy Russian who decided he’ll climb the skyscraper right to the top and overcome his fear of heights. Okay, I’m sure he didn’t have that much of if to begin with, but still he does it. He has a camera attached to him so that we see what he sees. And what we see is a very long drop from where he is.

The video itself makes me a bit shaky in the legs…


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