CollegeHumor Originals : Minesweeper – The Movie

CollegeHumor came out with another of their originals, “Minesweeper – The Movie.” I’m not a big fan of CollegeHumors at all. In fact their website is crude and obnoxious, but I do like to play Minesweeper, so this video was an interesting one that makes fun of people who like to play Minesweeper. It points out some of the different scenarios that can happen when playing Minesweeper and attempts to make them funny. It shows what can happen to people who just guess what is under a plot. It also shows people who are too confident and aren’t thinking. They basically get blown to bits by the mines. If you have played Mine Sweeper then this is a video to watch. It will all click with you as you watch. Give it a shot and watch this video, “CollegeHumor Originals : Minesweeper – The Movie.” I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and then be inspired to play a game of MineSweeper yourself. I’ll admit that I was tempted 😉

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