Cooking with Photoshop?

How many cooks do we get as visitors here? Or people who like to cook? I’m sure there’re plenty who do one or the other and I can’t really say I don’t like cooking myself. As long as I stick to simple things and not blow something up, cooking can be pretty fun. More than cooking, I like performing simple things on computer as well and I have been playing with a thought before, where everything would be made just my drag and dropping stuff from toolbars and selecting operations. Like selecting 3 eggs and picking the option scramble + cook. And so the scrambled eggs would be ready for consumption. That would probably take the fun out of cooking, but it would simplify things as long as the right parameters would be chosen.
Someone else has apparently been playing with those thoughts too and made a nice little video about it. It rolls around baking cookies though Photoshop!


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